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Day One: IZMA at LG Fashion Week 2010

March 30, 2010

Toronto’s LG Fashion Week officially kicked off last night! Fall/Winter 2010 here we come! This fabulously stylish week commenced with the IZMA show at the Allstream Centre downtown. IZMA is a wonderful collaboration between designer Izzy Camilleri and fashion journalist Adrian Mainella. Together you get a fun-filled fury frenzy! Sorry, sometimes I get carried away.

What did I think of this line you ask? Good question! It was fan-friggen-tabulous! All that fur and leather was making me weak at the knees. On a serious note though. It’s not for those who are against animal usage for clothing – but really, when has high-end fashion ever been? Okay. That was a bit insensitive.

Don’t take my word for the beauty that was this collection – see my favourites below. Leather pants and fur stoles have never looked so good. Oh! And the finale dress. Sigh. Black can be a wedding dress…right??

Looking forward to the rest of this week.


Photo Credit - George Pimentel

Photo Credit - George Pimentel

Photo Credit - George Pimentel


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