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The NEW ELUXURY Question of the Day

July 8, 2009


After 10 years of luxury e-commerce, the former e-luxury has shut its doors – or in this case, its servers.

Instead, a new type of company has been born. The NEW ELUXURY displays a new question daily for users to answer.  The website states that in 2010 ELUXURY hopes to introduce “unique, original content created by a global team of curators, contributors and users.”

This to me sounds like they went under due to their non-competitive pricing and that they hope to utilize user data to its fullest by selling it off to high end fashion retailers. Further, eventually they will build some user generated site as it is the cheapest to run and operate and then sell all kinds of ad space there. But hey, what do I know. I just work in this industry.

Anyhow, for the time being, I think market research is a lucrative business and you can’t really go wrong. On top of which, if I was really persistent, I can collect a semi-accurate database of information. Today’s results below.



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