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2009 MTV Video Awards Fashion Re-Cap

June 3, 2009

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the entire awards show, however I did watch about half of it. First off, either i’m getting REALLY old REALLY fast or the media is now focusing on a younger demographic. Maybe it was just this particular award show, but I felt as though I didn’t know half of the attendees – and when I say I felt as though, I mean I definitely didn’t!

Any who, whether I knew them or not, there were a lot of hits and a lot of misses on the runway. Since I am such a positive person – yeah, that’s right, I said it – and more importantly, because it was my new years resolution to be nicer, I’m going to ONLY focus on the few that I thought really pulled off their looks.




I loved the neutral tones on Miley and Briana. I thought they were elegant and simple and both paired with the appropriate accessories and shoes.

Megan Fox’s black floral print was great and she had killer shoes on – no literally, you could kill someone with those! Sienna look great as usual in a twenty8twelve dress – lets face it, you would wear your own label too!

Kirsten Bell’s number was a bit more simple but I still liked her shoes and accessories – it’s the little things people!

And then we have my top two! First there’s Leighton’s dress. Oh hi dress, I love you! This Emilio De La Morena dress was TDF!  The sheer mixed with the cutouts and it being a mini – really, must I say more?


And then there was Ashley. I mean, I don’t know if I would wear this to an awards show, but given the demographic, it was probably perfect. From the dress to the belt, the purse, the accessories and the shoes – it was all perfect! I loved the slightly rocker girl feel to this outfit. For me, it was perfect.


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