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New E-Class Site for Mercedes-Benz

June 1, 2009


I have a slight bias towards Mercedes-Benz – I grew up with them and feel they are really well made cars. However, the problem with Mercedes-Benz growing up was that it was a great car for my parents to be driving, but not sexy enough for me to drive, as perceived by others. In lay-men’s terms, their demographic is fairly high in terms of age.

Throughout the last couple of years, Mercedes-Benz has done a REALLY great job of re-designing and styling some of their more “mainstream” vehicles to appeal to a younger demographic.  They have become super SEXY cars that would make any 20-something year old look cool. First with the C-Class, then the introduction of the GLK and now with the E-Class.

This brings me to this posting – I wanted to share this really well done microsite for the new redesigned E-Class. I love this site because it brings a fashion side into the car world and even though many wouldn’t think of putting the two together, they are a perfect fit. It’s a great concept and a well done site by Razorfish.

Let me know what you think of it.


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