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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 24

May 12, 2009


In true GG fashion, OMFG! Yes folks. I said it. This weeks’ episode was great!

The episode started with a flash back into the 80’s where we saw a 17 year-old Lily Rhodes’ coming of age – not physically, but perhaps mentally and emotionally. Throughout the episode we continued to learn a bit more about Lily as we saw more of her past. The flash back was very well down, complete with No Doubt’s awaited debut.


All this happens while Serena gets busted out of jail by Dan to go to prom. And saving the best for last, of course Chuck and Blair. What more can I say? Chuck was a usual sweetheart, or at least when it comes to Blair. And not-sadly, Nate and Blair end their relationship at the end of the episode.

On a side note, I was loving the 80’s fashion! I mean, we’ve been incorporating a lot of this style into our daily wardrobe, it was nice to see a blast from the past.

So bottom line, I totally knew they were going to be together – I know, I tend to get really involved in my reviews!

I hope the finale will live up to this…




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