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Obama’s message to Iran

March 22, 2009

On Friday March 20th, Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, recorded a video message for the Iranian people and their New Year (Nowruz). This message was unlike other message from politicians in the past, wishing Iranians a happy new year. No, this message was different. This message was about hope and peace and has been very controversial in the last couple of days.

The above message was targeted towards the leaders of Iran and is to make amends with a nation that has been chastised (some of it due to good reason) for almost three decades. While this message was extremely positive and i’m sure any liberal – I say this as there are many people who would disagree with my opinion of the message – Iranian would see hope for a new friendship, I am a little more realistic about America’s current relationship with Iran.

My first thoughts were, how will Iran respond? What will they do with this peace offering? What will come of the Presidents message?

Well, luckily, I did not have to wait too long for Iran’s leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to respond to Obama’s message.

Iran’s supreme leader dismisses Obama overtures

The media has been spinning this as a negative reaction, but in my opinion, it’s not a bad reaction. I mean some of the requests Khamenei is making are valid points and need to be considered/addressed it the US plans to reconciles its differences.

Even though i’m not an American, i’m an Iranian Canadian who is effected by the relationship between the US and Iran. As a Canadian who has been here all my life and who doesn’t really understand they way of the middle east, I find that at times i’m more inclined to take the side of the North Americans over the Middle East. That being said, I am still of Iranian descent (and would not have it any other way) and I hope for a peaceful relationship between the West and the Middle east so that I can be proud of where i’m from without ever being judge.

We shall see how things transpire, but I really do hope for the best.


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