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March Madness 2009 – Round 1

March 21, 2009

I’m usually not one for Basketball – in fact, the sport usually bores me. But March Madness is one of my favourite times of the year, for a few reasons.

The first, and most important, being that I get to fill out a bracket and bet on the games. Who doesn’t love to carelessly wager on a sport that they know nothing about? I mean seriously. I’ve watched EVERY single game for the past two days and just can’t get enough. I also enjoy that unlike the NBA, the NCAA games are short – two halves of 2o mins. It can’t get much better.

Now, i’m second in my pool after a lot of ups and downs in round one. I’m planning on keeping this lead, but so far today, I thkn i’ve made a wrong prediction.

Some highlights and upsets from the games so far:

Siena(9) 74 – OSU (8) 72 – this game was so exciting last night. After going into second OT, Siena was able to score a basket in the last three seconds of the game, for an upset win. Though it was great for me, since I chose them to move on!

Cleveland State (13) 84 – Wakeforest (4) 69 – What a big upset this was – not only for Wakeforest, but also for me since I had them moving up. I mean, I always prepare for some upsets, but not something like this. I was pissed.

Wisconsin (12) 61 – Florida State (5) 59 – Seriously? I would be first right now if Florida didn’t royally screw this up for me. What a tight game with a two point win with two seconds left at the game.

Now, not an upset but i’m watching the game right now and UCLA is getting their a** kicked by Villanova. I may drop down to last place by the time the next round is over. Can’t a gal just pick some upsets and hope they pan out?

Apparently not! Oh well….we’ll see what happens throughout the rest of the day.


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