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We’ve Moved!

November 8, 2015

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Hi lovelies!

It’s been a while since I last produced a post on here. Life got busy. Work, school, marriage and now a baby! All very exciting things. But, I am BACK! I’ve just grown up a bit and have changed my look, tone and message. I hope you’ll stop by and come visit my new blog – it is wonderful!

You can find me here:

Until next time…




Louboutin vs. Saint Laurent

August 22, 2011

We all know Louboutin’s when we see them. The classic red sole has been an iconic symbol of Christian Louboutin shoes since the design house began sporting them on their fabulous shoes in 1992. In 2008 Louboutin was awarded a trademark for their red soles and has filed a lawsuit against the fashion power house Yves Saint Laurent. YSL is the subject of this suit for selling red-soled shoes of its own, claiming that red has been a signature colour of the fashion house for decades. Still no ruling, but we’ll be sure to watch out for the outcome of this trial.

My two cents: Though i’m more of a YSL shoe kinda-gal, I’ve only ever associated red soles with Louboutins. And even though its been less than 10 years, any fashion savvy consumer recognizes a Loubou from miles away. Get your own iconic symbol YSL!


Rachel Roy on SALE

October 7, 2010

That’s right ladies. You read that right. It says SALE! From October 15th to November 1st The Bay is having a 30% off sale on all regular priced RACHEL Rachel Roy merchandise. As if the line isn’t already so reasonably priced, they’re giving us another reason to want to wear RR.

Ever since the Bay launched the Rachel Roy line – along with other trendy contemporary brands – last spring I’ve become a fan of the department store again.
The young and fresh line which features mini’s, prints and studs along with tons of other fall trends, is such a steal at its bargain prices. Take a look at the collection online before you buy – or do what I do, shop from the convenience of your home.


Fall 2010 Nail Polish Trends

September 18, 2010

Over the last few years I’ve started to appreciate nail polish trends as much as any other the fashion trend. I’ve realized more and more that the colour of my nails is as much an indicator of my fashionability – yes I’ve just made my own word – as any of my other accessories, especially this fall. So I thought I’d write a post about the hottest nail trends this year.

Ladies, this fall look for earthier tones in matte finishes – and I don’t just mean brown. I’m talking about cooler earth tones like greys, purples and taupes. Joe Fresh has a great affordable line of nail lacquers that speak to this trend perfectly. Cooler, earthy tones, matte finishes at almost too-good-to-be-true prices. I’ve already picked up three (for $10) from the fall line and three from the classic colleciton. And of course the classic fall/winter reds and last years’ eggplants/blacks will still be around, but look for these new tones to hit the streets.

My personal favourites from the above line you ask? Well, i’m currently sporting Storm (on the left) and will be trying Orchid (on the right) and Fig next. I’m really loving the grey undertones in all these colours and have a feeling I’ll be changing nail colours way more often than I should!

Sigh. If only all the years trends could come at Joe prices.


New Nicholas Kirkwood Collection

August 20, 2010

Drool. What girl doesn’t love shoes? I mean really. I probably tweet about shoes at least a few times a week, whether it’s what I’m currently sporting or the latest envy. They often consume my thoughts and take up the majority of my disposable income – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. In a great pair of shoes, any girl can feel like a million bucks.

The man who makes some of the most memorable shoes, Nicholas Kirkwood, has just released an exclusive collection to Bergdorf Goodman for Fall/Winter 2010. They’re calling his collection “glam rock” and rightfully so. It’s very edgy with its hard rock studs, architectural lines, lace, leather and more. I love his style and would seriously wear anything he designs. You can pick them up at your local Bergdorf Goodman.

Now, if only I could manage to save enough money to actually purchase a pair…


Out with the old, in with the boob?

August 19, 2010
Lara Stone - Eres Swimwear 2010

Eres Swimwear 2010 Campaign

I’ve always been a busty girl with some curves, even though my lower body doesn’t seem to want to conform to the standards of my upper body. But being a well-endowed girl all of my life, I’ve constantly struggled with dressing myself while remaining fashionable. I found it difficult (and sometimes still do) to appear trendy while all the latest and greatest trends are made for, or at least look better on, girls who resemble pre-pubescent teens – no offense ladies, trust me I wish I had an A-cup.

Well alas, there may be some good news for us busty gals. That’s right ladies. Grab your push up bras and low cut tops and get ready to sport those bad boys…er rather bad girls!

Curvaceous model Lara Stone, a shapely model who’s a UK size 8 with a 34C cup size, has signed a HUGE (no pun intended) deal with Calvin Klein. Yes, Calvin Klein. The same brand that threw Kate Moss and her many eating disorders into popularity and main stream media many years ago. The same brand that popularized the waif look that has taken over the fashion industry for the last two decades. Okay, maybe a bit extreme, but you see where I’m going with this.

The supermodel has signed an exclusive deal with the fashion house to front its campaigns for Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Collection and ck Calvin Klein.

We’ve even begun seeing some busty silhouettes on the runways at Louis Vuitton and Prada – Lara is also the face of Prada’s  Infusion d’Iris scent and Louis Vuitton. However, before us fashion forward females go out and start strutting our goods, it’s good to note that our busts haven’t quite taken the world by storm yet. Runways and magazine will still be inundated with A cups, but this is the beginnings of good things to come for full-bosomed women. It’s a step in the right direction.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 22 – Season Finale

May 17, 2010

SPOILER ALERT! This Gossip Girl episode hasn’t technically aired until later tonight, so if you don’t want to know what happens, I suggest you leave now and come back tomorrow.

Now that I’m done being socially responsible, let’s move on to the good stuff. For those of you who are lucky enough to watch this addictive series one day earlier than the rest of the world – or for those of you who just like knowing what will happen because you’re too impatient to wait the few hours – let’s talk about what happened this week. Boy what an eventful season finale!!

Before we get to the juice of the episode, let’s talk about some of the not-so-important highlights.

1. Serena and Dan share a kiss. This is very typical of Serena and Dan. On again. Off again. On again. Off again. Their relationship is like a bathroom faucet at an NYC night club. Actually, all her relationships are, but in particular, she seems to be worse with Dan. And while she’s off nonchalantly ruining her relationship with Nate and his relationship with Vanessa, he’s wondering about his feelings for her. Poor Dan. Serena will never be a good or stable girlfriend. I mean really, look at her mom.

2. Jenny Humphrey ruins lives. Yup. She’s at it again. Staying over at Nate’s – again. Posting a picture of Serena and Dan on gossip girl. Sleeping with Chuck – I could have actually killed her for this one. And the worst part of it all, after you think she’s going to redeem herself and not say a word, she goes and tells Eric and Dan. Seriously Jenny. Grow up. No one talks about their first time, especially if you were a slut about it.

3. Blair and Chuck. Sigh. I’m uber sad about the turn out. I was nervous all episode, hoping that she would come to her senses and go to him. And once she did, i thought, all is well in the world. And my favourite parts of the episode were watching him prepare for their meeting – choosing the perfect suit, her favourite flowers and what  I wasn’t sure was a ring until later. Then Jenny happens. And as the man is about to ask Blair to marry him, Dan happens. So that was the end of Chuck and Blair. I’m not really sure if she can forgive him or take him back now. Though I know they belong together and will be miserable without one another.

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